Bhoo Daanam


10 acres of land has been purchased for the exclusive purpose of growing nourishing organic fodder grass (CO4) to feed all the cows in the Goshala. The purchase of another 3 acres of land is being envisaged, in order to enhance the area under fodder grass cultivation.


Earth-filling on site – 4 Lakhs | Levelling of the ground – 1 Lakh | Installation of borewells etc – 1.5 Lakhs |

Sprinkler system for irrigation – 4 Lakhs | Sowing of organic fodder grass – 3 Lakhs  |

Growing of trees at designated spots - 0.5 Lakh | Creation of pathways on site – 1 Lakh


Total cost of the project is estimated to be 15 Lakhs


Practice Go-samrakshanam and Earn Divine Blessings


Sri Gokulam Goshala is located in the sacred complex of the Sri Vittal Rukmini Temple in Govindapuram amidst the serene environs of the river Kaveri. It is a unique Go-samrakshanam (cow protection) project that has been personally conceptualized and is  closely supervised by His Holiness Sri Vittaldas Maharaj.


Our ancient rishis (sages) have repeatedly advocated Go-seva (service to the cow) as the means to destroy all afflictions, obstacles, sorrows and sins. Our shastras (scriptures) are brimming with references to the benefits of Go-samrakshanam and Go-seva. Many families who have associated themselves with the Sri Gokulam Goshala in the past have received the blessings of the Supreme Being through the medium of Go-seva. They have experienced positive and auspicious  life experiences like begetting offspring, educational achievements, career success, fixation of marriage, success in business, acquisition of a home, removal of obstacles, recovery from illnesses and so on.


Currently the Sri Gokulam Goshala houses more than 500 cows of Indian breeds. The cows in this Goshala were originally brought here from Brindavan in Uttar Pradesh and are thus the descendants of the same cows that Bhagavān Sri Krishna grazed by the banks of the Yamuna. Cows were also brought here from Dwaraka, a city deeply associated with the Lord. Over time, cows that were saved from their journey to the slaughter-house were also given refuge here. Thus the project has been expanding over time.


The cows are housed in very comfortable and spacious stalls in a huge structure specially designed to withstand heat, cold and rain. They are fed, bathed, cleaned and checked daily to keep them healthy. Daily pujas and bhajans are a hallmark of the Goshala's sacred atmosphere. Even the specially-trained workers who attend to the Goshala have their own routine of worship and bhajans. To them, this is not a mere job - it is a divine seva.  The Goshala is run entirely on non-commercial lines. Milk from the cows here is primarily meant for the calves while a small quantity is used for the temple offerings. Any excess is sent to local Veda Paatashalas. Due to the pure, clean and healthy ambience of the Goshala, the cows here emit a positive aura that is felt even from a distance. Visitors are usually  delighted on seeing the well cared-for cows and the peaceful atmosphere at the Goshala.


The Goshala project is in expansion mode as more space is needed to house these cows and to grow grass for fodder. The Samsthan had purchased about 10 acres of land nearby, upon which it intends to grow nourishing organic fodder grass for the cows. This is the same site from which earth was excavated for the construction needs of the main temple prior to the Kumbhabhishekam some years ago. Therefore, the vacant land is currently uneven and contains pits that need to be filled and levelled.


The following activities are in progress or will soon be taken up:


Earth-filling on site -  Rs. 4 lakhs

Levelling of the ground - Rs. 1 lakh

Provision of water : Installation of borewell, motor, pumpset - Rs. 1.5 lakhs

Sprinkler system for irrigation - Rs. 4 lakhs

Sowing of organic fodder grass - Rs. 3 lakhs (Rs 2 lakhs for seed and Rs 1 lakh for labour)

Growing of trees at designated spots - Rs. 0.5 lakh

Creation of pathways on site - Rs.  1 lakh

The total cost of this project is estimated at Rs. 15 lakhs.


Once the cultivation starts, the grass grown on this land can feed 500 cows for a 3 year period.


All bhakthas (devotees) are invited to participate in this noble kainkaryam (service) and be the recipient of good fortune and auspiciousness through the noble medium of Go-seva. The special feature of this kainkaryam is that the bhakthas' contribution will result in the punyam (spiritual merit) of enabling continuous fodder grass for all Goshala cows for 3 full years.


In addition, the purchase of a nearby 3-acre plot of land is being envisaged, in order to enhance the area under fodder grass cultivation. Those bhakthas who wish to participate in the bhoomi-daanam i.e contribution towards purchase of land for Go-seva, may contact us for further details on these telephone numbers:

+91 99441 73944, +91 94433 95387 or +91 93451 54953


This is a big task in which the Samsthan wishes to have the participation of devotees who uphold the ancient Indian values of respect for the Mother Cow and conservation of the environment.


For bhakthas from all over the world, this is a golden chance to be a part of a collective conservation effort that is run in accordance with the shastras while also following modern scientific principles. Good fortune and auspiciousness are sure to follow as a consequence.


For more details contact

+918056647247 (Sri Narayanan)



Sri Gokulam Goshala,

Govindapuram, Kumbakonam

Tanjore District - 612 101

Tamil Nadu, India