Go Daanam

Interested bhaktas can donate a cow and derive the spiritual benefits of Go Daanam. The donor of the cow will be treated as its adoptive family.


Cow Cost: 30000 | Transportation Cost: 6000 | Total Cost for Go Daanam: 36000

Why Go Daanam ?


As per Hindu traditions, Go-dānam, or the donation of a cow, has been prescribed as a sacred duty. Sāstras recommend the performance of a minimum of 10 go-dānams during one's life-time, followed by 3 go-dānams after the individual's demise, by his family. In addition, go-dānams have been prescribed for many other occasions also.


The minimum 10 go-dānams to be performed during one's life-time are :


1 go-dānam, upon the birth of a child. (Bhakthas will recall that 2 lac cows were donated upon Sri Krishna's birth )

3 go-dānam in lieu of the Chāndrāyana Krichram to be performed at the time of Upanayanam (investiture of the sacred thread ) for one's son. The Chāndrāyana Kricchram is an elaborate and difficult ritual so those who cannot perform it may resort to godānam in lieu of it. This enables the individual to obtain the rights to do the vrata-anushtānam needed to conduct the upanayanam ceremony (investiture of the sacred thread) for his son.

1 go-dānam, during marriage ceremonies. An additional 3 go-dānam are to be performed at this time in lieu of the Chāndrāyana Krichhram, to make the individual eligible to do the vrata-anushtānam prior to the marriage ceremony of his child.

1 go-dānam at the time of Sashtipūrhti (60th birthday)

1 go-dānam at the time of Satābhishékam (80th birthday)


In modern times it may not be easy to adhere to many customs. But if we do not make an attempt to follow our sacred traditions, there will be a free fall in our value systems. The ill-effects of such lapses will be experienced by our children and grand-children. To uphold dharma, to respect ancient traditions and to attain the grace of the Almighty, one should try to do all the virtuous deeds that one possibly can. Go-dānam is one such punya-kāryam (meritorious deed) that results in instant and abundant grace of the Supreme Lord upon those who undertake it.


Spiritual merits of Go Daanam


Peace and blessings of the forefathers

Destruction of janma-janmāntara pāpam (sins of several lives)

Becoming eligible for the grace of the divinities in this life (kripā-pāthram)

All kinds of happiness, prosperity and success are vouchsafed. (sakala aishvarya prāpti)

All kinds of desirable goals are achieved on time without obstacles (sakala kāryasiddhi)

Children acquire knowledge and brilliance in academics (vidyāprāpthi)

Timely and happy marriage, birth of a healthy child, freedom from diseases and afflictions.

Peace of mind and contentment leading the individual onto a virtuous path.


Go Daanam, now made convenient


The Sri Gokulam Goshālā at Govindapuram is a unique endeavour in the field of Go-samrakshanam (cow protection). It is guided by the philosophy enshrined in our sāstras, which lays great emphasis on the cow as the harbinger of all prosperity and happiness to the individual as well as for generations to come.


Run entirely on non-commercial lines, the Go-shāla at Govindapuram offers care and protection to over 500 cows currently. Of these, around 400 are cows of Indian breeds, while about a hundred are Jerseys, Freisians and other non-Indian breeds. In fact, only about 25 cows are milked everyday at the Goshālā. The milk is then used for preparation of swāmi néivédyam and prasādam for about a hundred resident or visiting devotees. The remaining milk is converted into butter-milk and given free to the nearby old age homes and orphanages.


The Goshāla is currently in expansion mode in order to :


house the existing cows more spaciously,

grow more fodder grass for the cows in-house and

Accommodate new cows of Indian breed that we propose to buy shortly.


On a visit to the Srī Vittal Rukminī Samsthān or during the nāmasamkīrthanam programmes of Sri Vittaldās Maharāj held all over India, countless bhakthas have repeatedly approached him to ask whether they can buy a cow and offer it as Go-dānam to the Go-shālā so that they may discharge their ritual obligations to their forefathers. They have expressed their keenness to acquire the parama-punyam of gifting a cow to the  shram in the full knowledge that it will be protected, loved and cared for during its entire lifespan. But so far, the Go-shāla was unable to accede to such requests from devotees because of some constraints. However, very soon, we shall be making it very simple and convenient for bhakthas to perform go-dānam in the prescribed manner.


Each cow will cost around Rs. 30,000/-

Transportation cost, per cow : Rs. 6000/-


Thus, by donating Rs 36000/-


Devotees can donate a cow and derive the spiritual benefits of Go-dānam.

The cow will then be given a name and comfortably housed in the Srī Gokulam Go-shālā.

It will be protected and treated with care and love, just like a family member.

The donor of the cow will be treated as its adoptive family.

The photographs of the cow can be sent to the adoptive family on request.

Whenever the donors visit Govindapuram, they can perform the vidhi of Go-pūjā themselves.

They can absorb the sacred atmosphere of the Go-shālā where prayers are recited and ārathi is performed every evening by the resident-bhakthas as well as by the dedicated staff who look after the daily needs of the cows round-the-clock.

When the adoptive family visits the Go-shālā, their children can bond with the cows and calves, take pictures, participate in the pūjās and feed the calves under supervision.

Thus they can remember Lord Krishna's experiences as Go-pāla and worship Him in the environment He loves best.


This is a significant spiritual milestone. Bhakthas are requested to engage in this holiest of holy tasks and lead a life free of stresses and sorrows.


For participating in Go-dānam and related sevās/kainkaryams, please register on the following numbers :



+918056647247 (Sri Narayanan)


+919944173944 (Sri Panchapakesan)

+918825893004 (Sri Krishna Murthy)



Sri Gokulam Goshala,

Govindapuram, Kumbakonam

Tanjore District - 612 101

Tamil Nadu, India