Go Samrakshanam should be practiced by everyone for the welfare of the mankind. Gokulam Goshala enables everyone to participate in this noble deed. The Goshala houses more than 500 cows with all modern facilities and medical services to ensure the comfort and well-being of the cows. Anyone can contribute towards this noble cause and reap its benefits.

One day expense for the Goshala


By participating in this scheme, bhaktas will provide for the total daily expenses of one day at Sri Gokulam Goshala. This is inclusive of fodder for all cows, electricity, labour charges and medical expenses for maintaining cows.

One day expense

Rs. 50000


Adopting a cow for one year


This is like adopting and protecting one cow for one year. This includes an estimated expense for the whole year, for one cow, for food, medicines, infrastructure and wellbeing.

Go Adoption

Rs. 36000


Fodder expense for one cow/month


With this scheme, bhaktas can provide for the expenses for the fodder for one cow for one month.

Go Grass Seva

Rs. 5000

Go Straw Seva

Rs. 5000


1 rupee seva


This seva was created to enable the participation of everyone in this noble cause and get benefitted. The contribution is aligned to provide just 1 rupee for each cow per month. Bhaktas can set up auto payment to a designated account directly on a specified date each month.


Bhakthas willing to contribute their desired amount for Goseva


Bank details for contributing directly.



Sri Gokulam Goshala,

Govindapuram, Kumbakonam

Tanjore District - 612 101

Tamil Nadu, India