Go Samrakshanam is a noble act that absolves the doer of all sins. With over 500 cows at Sri Gokulam Goshala, the cost of food and other maintenance has been on the rise. Birthdays, anniversaries or any special day can be made more auspicious by participating in Go Samrakshanam at Sri Gokulam Goshala. Some of the unique benefits of Go Samrakshanam include overcoming the fear of death, begetting righteous children, getting rid of Shani Dosha and many more.


Sri Gokulam Goshala has different Seva Schemes available, to ensure the participation of everyone in the noble act of Go Samrakshanam. All schemes are inclusive of food charges, electricity bills and the salary of the workers.




The various Seva Schemes available are


Sri Gokulam Goshala,

Govindapuram, Kumbakonam

Tanjore District - 612 101

Tamil Nadu, India